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APP Pumps

APP 0.6-1.0 / APP 1.5-3.5 /
APP (W) 5.1-10.2 / APP 11-13 /
APP 16-22 / APP 21-46

The Danfoss range of APP high-pressure pumps
is designed according to EN 809 for use in RO
applications with low viscosity and corrosive
fluids such as:
• Sea water
• Brackish water
• Waste water (APP W)
Danfoss APP pumps are positive displacement
pumps with axial pistons that move a fixed
amount of water in each cycle. Flow is proportional to the number of input shaft revolutions
(rpm). Unlike centrifugal pumps, they produce
the same flow at a given speed no matter what
the discharge pressure.

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