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Direct Replacement Teeth & Adapters

DRP J Series offers a full range of products, consistent quality and availability

Bucyrus Blades now offers a quality selection of Direct Replacement Product (DRP) for Caterpillar equipment to complement our BB cutting edges. You can trust our long history of metallurgical expertise and team of quality assurance professionals to deliver a product with the strength and fit dimensions required to keep machines running. With a competitively priced offering on the shelf, the right product is available when you need it.

The BB Advantage

  1. Metallurgical Expertise
  2. Quality Control
  3. Competitive Pricing
  4. Availability

Ground Engaging Tools (GET) Specifications

Table of Contents

  1. Nose Size Recommendation
  2. Repair, Maintenance and Conversion Tools
  3. SV2®and Whisler Plus™ Systems
  4. Ultralok® Tooth System138
  5. Super V® Tooth System 158
  6. Helilok® Replacement Teeth
  7. Posilok® Plus Tooth System
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Hydraulic Machine Product Specifications

Table of Contents

  1. Toplok® Shrouds
  2. Bucket Lip and Wing Shrouds
  3. Corner Wear Shoes
  4. Multi-Purpose Lip System.
  5. Loadmaster® Plate Lip System
  6. Load Haul Dump (LHD) Lip Systems
  7. ESCO Wheel Loader Buckets
  8. ESCO Mining Hydraulic Face Shovel Fronts
  9. ESCO Mining Hoe Buckets
  10. ESCO Construction Excavator Buckets
  11. ESCO Construction Hydraulic Coupler Attachment Guide
  12. ESCO Construction Thumb and Hydraulic Kit Specifications
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Hydraulic Machine Product Specifications

Table of Contents

  • Caterpillar®
    1. Style J Series
    2. Functional Numbering System
    3. J Series Identification Chart
    4. MaxDRP™ Replacement Teeth
    5. Commodity DRP Replacement Teeth
    6. J Series Fasteners
  • Caterpillar Style Rippers
    1. DRP Ripper Replacement Teeth
    2. R Series Fasteners
  • H&L Style Products
    1. Replacement Teeth
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ESCO MaxDRP™ OEM Replacement Components

ESCO MaxDRP™ Wear Parts

In today’s competitive environment, operations are looking for solutions to increase production with lower costs. Achieving these goals by investing in new equipment or upgrades may not be an option due to high cost or time constraints. They need solutions using their current equipment.

ESCO developed the MaxDRP line of wear parts to meet this challenge. MaxDRP products are engineered and manufactured to the same exacting standards as other ESCO systems to deliver exceptional performance.

MaxDRP products are direct replacements for OEM versions but provide increased wear life and superior reliability. Specify MaxDRP replacement parts from ESCO to be more productive with lower operating costs. To compliment the MaxDRP line, ESCO also offers All-Cast blades and end bits for larger CAT and Komatsu machines.

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Superior Field-Proven Alloys ESCO alloys

have the best balance of the two main things you want in a tooth: toughness and hardness. Increased toughness helps prevent breakage,and higher hardness provides a longer service life. While some competitors may come close on one of these measures, no manufacturer can offer you both like ESCO. The chart to the right shows test results from a variety of tooth system manufacturers from around the world.

ESCO is the Leader in Design Innovation

With over 100 years of experience in developing market-leading products, ESCO has the expertise to enhance the performance of original equipment systems. Our innovative design modifications provide greater customer value through optimized wear life, productivity and reliability for a wide range of applications.

MaxDRP™ Replacement Teeth

A comprehensive selection of MaxDRP replacement teeth ensures the right performance profile to match any conditions with valueadded performance. The range covers many popular OEM wheel loaders and excavators.

MaxDRP™ Replacement Teeth

MaxDRP™ Ripper Teeth

Today’s powerful mining class dozers ripping rock and other hardto-penetrate materials requires the highest quality teeth for optimum
production and reliability. ESCO’s MaxDRP ripper replacement teeth
for CAT systems provide the performance you need.

ESCO OEM Cast Replacement Parts

Cast Half-Arrows and Edge Segments

Cast in premium alloys, ESCO’s cast lip protection includes halfarrows, edge segments and top covers that will out-perform the CAT OEM product they were designed to replace. The offering will further augment the performance of MaxDRP replacement teeth. The range is available for popular CAT wheel loaders and the top covers are also available for CAT excavators

All-Cast™ Blades and End Bits

The All-Cast blades for mining class dozers and motor
graders offers the ultimate in service life and strength.

ESCO’s premium cast blades and end-bits are available
for CAT D8 through D11 dozers (U, semi-U and carry
style machines), CAT 16G and 24H motor graders, and
Komatsu D375 dozers. Straight or serrated blades are
available for motor graders.